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  NCG has the skills, the credentials and portfolio that you demand and client references to prove our abilities.

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NCG provides comprehensive, and customized services that can increase your effectiveness in a remarkable way.

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NCG is the premier consultation and technical assistance firm preparing individuals and organizations to help African-American males succeed!

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More about us

Who we are

The Nehemiah Consulting Group (NCG), Inc., is a non-profit, consultation and technical assistance organization, whose mission derives from the context of the biblical book of Nehemiah which chronicles the efforts of a man concerned with rebuilding the fallen walls of an ancient city!!

What we do

NCG provides comprehensive consultation and technical assistance solutions, professional development training workshops, thought leadership and self-help publications, and supplementary support services for organizations and professionals that work with African-American males.

Why we do it

The social statistics and demographics for African-American males in almost every category, tell the story of and depict a marginalized group of which a disproportionate number and percentage are sitting on the sidelines of life. Organizations and professionals who work with this African-American males must be adequately educated, prepared, and trained to help them meet the complex challenges they face in all areas of life!

Why it works

The research, theory, and technology within the consultation and technical assistance that the Nehemiah Consulting Group delivers spans more than 75 years of research-based, outcomes-driven, knowledge and expertise. NCG’s  is comprehensive, individualized, seamless, developmental, behavioral, and community-based!

Where we are

NCG clients include: small, medium and large sized organizations, institutions, and agencies across a variety of sectors and environments: corporate diversity; K-12 and post-secondary education; governmental/human services; faith-based; and non-profits throughout the U.S.!

When to call us

If issues of limited engagement, involvement, opportunities, achievement and performance for African-American males pose a challenge for your organization, institution, or agency the you need to call NCG?

Our Capabilities

Organizational Assessment 85%
Program Development 95%
Outcomes Measurement 85%
Leadership Development 80%
Systems Integration 77%
Research & Evaluation 83%


  • “When we first started out – all we really were thinking about was how could we maybe get some black and latino males to come together just to talk. We had been trying to deal with this black male situation for more than 10 years. And then comes along Kevin and NCG and he got it right the first time and changed the way we thought about Black and Latino male enrollment, retention, and graduation on our campus. NCG’s knowledge and insight enabled us to build a "best practices" black male initiative.”
    A.J. Jones
  • “NCG’s work with Borough of Manhattan Community College was truly transformative. From the initial meetings all the way through to the signing of the contract, Kevin was exceptionally patient, patient, understanding, and accommodating. Kevin very quickly understood what needed to be done. He understood the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities of a very complex and bureaucratic culture of our institution. However, because of the comprehensive approach and plan NCG developed, we were able to very quickly obtain buy-in from our stakeholders and make important changes that enabled us to bring a stellar black male initiative up to what is expected from a top academic institution”. Their efforts with our team here were critical in enhancing the direction and focus of our black male initiative. Our senior university leadership team embraced their recommendations and we're thrilled with the results. I can recommend them highly to any university seeking knowledgeable and professional consulting services in this area.”  
    Dr. Michael Johnson
  • “Kevin and the Nehemiah Consulting Group, Inc. really provided the spark our university needed in order to thank about how we should approach working with black male. After figuratively (and literally) languishing in the basement of our university for years, Kevin brought to the table some very invaluable experience and insights to our peer review and helped place our black male initiative round table talks on a much stronger footing. Their suggestions were practical and based in the most up-to-date research in field. And the training for my senior executive-level staff was outstanding."
    Dr. Otis Hill
  • "I first me Kevin at a the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity  (NCORE) in 2002. I was amazed by his knowledge and expertise around the subject of black male success on college campuses. We were attempting to develop some summer immersion programs for newly admitted students and I decided to see what NCG could do. Wow! Man, was I swept off of my feet.  I have never encountered anyone so skilled in maximizing the potential of people.  He is a superb listener, which makes her a wonderful problem solver.  Kevin's creativity, vitality and persistence made an amazingly positive contribution to an Educational Division that had been struggling with how to tackle the black male persistence and graduation issue. Kevin's ‘energy and capacity to enthuse staff and students and to improve areas that were problematic in the past, has helped turn around our program."
    Dr. Anthony Aramburo
  • "Kevin's was invaluable in guiding the first organized strategic Black and Latino male initiative planning process at Fresno City College.,   His clear vision, direct approach, knowledge, insight and proven models helped us to create a strategic agenda that gave Fresno City College both the momentum and vision around how build the necessary structure for continued success in strategic planning. He helped us become better students of the research on Black and Latino males which I think helped us to become service providers as well. NCG provided us with many of the tools we needed to do the job that needed to be done. The results went well beyond survival–Fresno City College thrived as a result of NCG's services."   
    Sunil Gupta